Nestled in the beautiful Yarra Valley, the restaurant hosts generous feasts filled with authentic, unfussy Italian food. Paired to our wines the food is best enjoyed in the company of friends and family (yes, we have a kids menu).

If you have a gift voucher, & wish to make a reservation that requires prepayment please call or email ( us to make a reservation.

We require a deposit for all bookings. Read our terms

Restaurant Open hours this week

Open 12:00pm-3:30pm
Open 12:00pm-3:30pm
Open 12.00pm-3:30pm
Open 11:00am-9:30pm
Open 11:00am-4:30pm
Zonzo Restaurant Entrance
Zonzo Restaurant Arancini
Zonzo Restaurant Lamb
Scoperta Pinot Grigio / $32
Indoor dining with fireplace
Openair and outdoor dining
Good for groups
Pair with our wine
Indoor dining with fireplace
Openair and outdoor dining
Good for groups
Pair with our wine
Indoor dining with fireplace
Openair and outdoor dining
Good for groups
Pair with our wine
Indoor dining with fireplace
Openair and outdoor dining
Good for groups
Pair with our wine
Indoor dining with fireplace
Openair and outdoor dining
Good for groups
Pair with our wine
Indoor dining with fireplace
Openair and outdoor dining
Good for groups
Pair with our wine
Indoor dining with fireplace
Openair and outdoor dining
Good for groups
Pair with our wine
Indoor dining with fireplace
Openair and outdoor dining
Good for groups
Pair with our wine
Indoor dining with fireplace
Openair and outdoor dining
Good for groups
Pair with our wine
Indoor dining with fireplace
Openair and outdoor dining
Good for groups
Pair with our wine


Can I add people to my booking once its made?

You think you have your guest numbers sorted and then another person says they can come. We are always happy to assist if you need to add people to your reservation. However, we do tend to book out in advance, with tables and dining spaces reaching their maximum capacity. Therefore we cannot guarantee we will be able to increase your reservation if you need to. Please keep this in mind. If you do need to increase your guest numbers we recommend getting in contact with us more than a week out from your booking to avoid disappointment (this still is no guarantee though).

What is the best way to get to and from Zonzo Estate?

The drive out to the Yarra Valley is always lovely, with plenty of things to do in the area you can really make a day of it. We have ample on site parking too!

If you are planning to dine with a large group and all want to travel together, we recommend looking into local bus groups/tour group or a private car service.

Please note, Taxis and Ubers are not a reliable form of transportation in the area, you may find it easy to get here but it is often very difficult to get home. For this reason we suggest driving or arranging an alternative mode of transport.

Do I have to arrive at my sitting time?

We do have strict sitting times for all weekend reservations, and we advise that you arrive promptly at the beginning of your sitting to avoid delays and get the most out of your time with us.

All our weekend reservations are for a 2 hour duration which offers a comfortable dining time for all groups.

We offer a 10 minute grace period for all reservations. If you are running later then this, we kindly ask that you notify us so we do not give your table away.

We are also a wedding venue, and do have strict property closures on weekends to allow for our wedding set up, therefore you will be required to vacate our premises at a particular time. Please check with our staff if you would like more information in regard to this.

Do you have a wait list?

We are a busy restaurant and do tend to book out in advance. If you are unable to get a reservation on your desired date or your desired time, we do ask that you keep checking back on our online portal. If anything changes this will be the first place it is updated and shows our most current availability at all times.

Due to this, we do not have a wait list for reservations. We advise booking in advance to get your desired date/time, if you miss out check online!

What is you cancellation policy?

For all weekend reservations and groups of 8+ on weekdays we do take a 20% deposit based on all adults for the food component of the set menu. This payment is non-transferable or non-refundable once booked, however is discounted from your final bill on the day.

Can I bring decorations for my table?

If you are joining us for a birthday celebration or special occasion you are more than welcome to bring in a few small decorations for your table. We allow the following:

  • Small jars of flowers
  • Small centre pieces
  • A couple of balloons

Please note, we are a family friendly venue and do not allow any adult decorations of any kind. Under no circumstances are confetti or confetti filled balloons to be brought onto our Estate.

Our Menu is a sharing style menu with all food being placed down the centre of the table, so we do ask that decorations are kept to a minimum to allow for this. All reservations are in a communal dining space so we also ask you are mindful of the diners around you.

Do you have private dining options?

We offer private dining in our Stables building for groups up to 80 guests on Monday-Friday. Private functions are for a three hour duration only. For more information, please head over to our functions page or contact us directly at for our packages and pricing.

Any reservations made on Saturday and Sunday are for a non-private booking in one of our dining spaces and we can accommodate groups of up to 50 (including all children and babies).

During our off-peak wedding season (July and August) we will occasionally open up Saturday evenings for private dining so keep an eye out on our social media pages for announcements like this.

Can I bring my dog?

We love our doggos! That said, only accredited guide dogs (in accordance with The Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992) are allowed on premises. In addition to being a winery/restaurant we are also a working farm, so for the safety of our animals and staff we please ask that you leave your fury friends at home.

Do you cater for dietary requirements?

Yes, we are well versed in catering for all dietary requirements in our Restaurant from vegetarian, vegan, coeliac, dairy free, fructose free and allergies...we have got you covered!

If you or someone dining with you has any dietary requirements, please mention these in the notes section at the time of booking, so our team can cater accordingly. We do require notice at least 72 hours prior to your booking of all dietary requirements. Please feel free to call us (03) 9730 2500 or reply to your reservation confirmation to update us with dietary requirements.

If you are dining with us on a weekend and indulging in our Zonzo Festa Menu we will make alterations to the Menu where needed for those with dietary requirements, and will ensure that everyone has plenty of food to eat. For example, a vegetarian will receive a seperate vegetarian antipasto, can select a vegetarian pizza from our menu and will receive a gnocchi with burnt butter and sage instead of the slow cooked lamb.

Please note, if you are fructose free we kindly ask that you specify what you personally cannot eat as this often means something different for everyone (Eg/ No onion or garlic). We also ask that if children have dietary requirements that you specify they are children.

If you arrive on the day having not notified us of dietary requirements, there is no guarantee we will be able to cater for you accordingly.

What happens if someone in my group is unwell or contracts covid?

You make your plans, secure a table and then you get happens.

For all weekend reservations, and larger groups on weekdays we do take a 20% deposit. This is non-transferable/non-refundable once booked and discounted from your final bill. We do understand that people do get sick, and we are happy to assist you here.

If a large portion of your group is unwell, or you as the host is sick and unable to attend we are more than happy to assist you in postponing the event to another date that suits you, or place the funds on a credit note for you to use at a later stage that works for you.

We understand that you can't help when you fall ill, however we do ask for as much notice as possible. Please call us directly on (03) 9730 2500 or email us at if you are unable to attend and we can assist you further.

What Happens if I book outside and it's raining on the day of my booking?

Our outside tables are available to be booked, and in clement weather are wonderful place to dine and soak up the Yarra Valley views. However, these tables are not undercover, and umbrellas only provide partial shade in the summer (meaning you may find yourself sitting in the sun at certain times throughout your booking).

If you are booked outside and the weather is not suitable (eg/ extremely hot or raining) management will make an executive decision to either move your booking to an undercover area (subject to availability) or cancel it.

In the event of cancellation at management discretion, a full refund of the deposit/prepayment will be given.

If you are booked outside, this is where your table will remain.

Can I bring a cake?

Yes, you are most welcome to bring a cake to our venue.

We charge a $15 fee to bring a cake. We will store the cake for you and provide you with the necessary plates, cutlery, and a cake knife for you to cut and serve the cake yourself at the table.

If you provide candles with the cake, we are happy to bring the cake our lit for you, however are unable to provide candles for you.

Please notify us if you plan to bring a cake to your reservation at least 72 hours prior to your booking.

Alternatively, if you would like to bring a candle we can always put this in one of our desserts for you and bring it out to the table.


Food menu

‘Festa’ sharing menu / $65 pp

Our sharing menu makes it simple to enjoy your experience and our classic, authentic Italian fare. We decide, you indulge. Easy.

A classic selection of cured meat, imported Italian cheese, Cerignola olives, pickled onions and artichoke hearts served with casalinga bread

A round of wood-fired pizzas from our menu (chosen by you)

Agnello arrosto e insalata
Slow cooked lamb in wine and mushrooms accompanied by roasted potatoes and salad

Please note, as of September 1st 2022 our Zonzo Festa Menu will be $70 per person.



Antipasto misto / $45 serves 6, $30 serves 3
A selection of cured meats, imported cheese, Cerignola olives, pickled onions and artichoke hearts served with casalinga bread

Burrata con bresaola / $18 gfo
Fresh burrata served with wagyu bresaola drizzled with olive oil

Salsicce arrosto / $17 gfo lf
Wood-fire oven baked skinless pork & fennel sausages cooked in red wine

Arancini / $17 v
Vegetarian Arborio rice balls filled with Mozzarella

Polpette al sugo / $18
Baked pork meatballs in pomodoro sauce

Filetti di sardine / $18 lf gfo
Wood-fire roasted sardine fillets with olive oil, chilli and lemon

Olive ripiene al gorgonzola / $12 v
Gorgonzola stuffed mammoth olives rolled in a layer of semolina served with our casalinga (home-style) bread

Schiacciata / $15 v
Flat bread with olives, gorgonzola and herbs

Misto di olive / $12 v gfo lf vf
Mixed Sicilian green, Kalamata and Bella di Cerignola olives

Zonzo Restaurant Fiesta

Pizze Rosse / $27

Red base pizza

Pizza con bufala v
Pomodoro, Buffalo mozzarella and basil

Pizza alla salsiccia
Pomodoro, mozzarella, asiago, pork/fennel sausage, Spanish onion and rosemary

Pizza con prosciutto
Pomodoro, mozzarella, prosciutto crudo and basil

Pizza con pancetta
Pomodoro, mozzarella, pancetta and sauteed mushrooms

Pizza con carciofi
Pomodoro, mozzarella, gorgonzola, rocquette, prosciutto crudo and artichoke hearts

Pizza con radicchio
Pomodoro, mozzarella, asiago, pancetta and radicchio

Pizza con mascarpone
Pomodoro, mozzarella, walnuts, speck and mascarpone

Pizza primavera v
Pomodoro, mozzarella, gorgonzola, rocquette, mini roma tomatoes and parmesan

Pizza con porcini
Pomodoro, mozzarella, funghi porcini, pancetta and mascarpone

Pizza napoletana
Pomodoro, buffalo mozzarella, sicilian green olives, basil and anchovies

Pizza con melanzane v vo
Pomodoro, mozzarella, roast eggplant, roast zucchini, semi dried tomato

Pizza con ricotta v
Pomodoro, ricotta, pine nuts, sauteed spinach and mini roma tomatoes

Pizza con sopressa
Pomodoro, mozzarella, hot salami, kalamata olives and basil

Pizze Bianche / $27

Extra virgin olive oil base pizza

Pizza bianca con patate v vo
Mozzarella, asiago, roast potato, kalamata olives, semi dried tomatoes, Spanish onion and chilli

Pizza bianca con speck
Mozzarella, gorgonzola, roquette, speck and shaved parmesan

Pizza bianca con cime di rapa v
Buffalo mozzarella, rapa, chilli and garlic

Pizza bianca con bresaola
Buffalo mozzarella, wagyu bresaola and basil

Pizza bianca con salmone affumicata lf
Smoked Tasmanian salmon, sautèed leek and berry capers

Pizza bianca con pollo
Mozzarella, roasted chicken, mini roma tomatoes, roasted pumpkin and fetta

Bianca ai quattro formaggi v
Mozzarella, gorgonzola, mascarpone and parmesan

Bianca con fungi vf
Button mushrooms, porcini mushrooms and truffle oil

Insalate / $15


Insalata mista di pomodori
Seasonal selection of mini roma tomatoes, Spanish onion, cucumber, bocconcini, parsley and a vinaigrette dressing

Insalata di ceci
Chickpea, diced roma tomatoes, cucumber, Spanish onion, parsley and a vinaigrette dressing

Insalata radicchio e arancia
Raddichio, orange, balsamic and extra virgin olive oil

Insalata di tre fogile
Rocket, spinach and radicchio with a zonzo dressing



Gnocchi al burro e salvia / $26 v
Handmade gnocchi with burnt butter and sage topped with parmesan cheese

Ravioli con granchio / $38
Handmade ravioli with spanner crab, lemon, butter and thyme

Calzone con bocconcini / $28 v
Italian folded pastry filled with pomodoro, roast potato, mushrooms, bocconcini, roast eggplant, roast zucchini topped with a touch of chilli

Calzone con prosciutto / $28
Italian folded pastry filled with pomodoro, prosciutto crudo, mozzarella, baby spinach and mini roma tomatoes

Arrosto di agnello / $31 lf gf
Slow cooked lamb in wine and mushrooms accompanied with roasted potatoes



Torta al cioccolato e mandorle / $15 gfo
Chocolate and almond italian cake topped with our raspberry coulis

Calzone alla fragola / $15
Folded pastry filled with strawberry and hazelnut chocolate

Calzone alla ricotta / $15
Folded pastry filled with ricotta, walnuts and hazelnut chocolate

Tiramisu / $15
A classic with layers of coffee and liqueur soaked savoidardi biscuits with mascarpone and chocolate

Panna cotta / $12 gfo
Orange infused panna cotta served with a Cointreau and orange syrup

Bomba italiana / $15
Nougat gelato encased in meringue, domed on top of a sponge

Cannoli / $13 (3 to a serve)
Crisp italian pastry filled with ricotta, pistachio and cherries

Affogato / $15
Vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso and frangelico

Selezione di formaggi / $25
Selection of cheeses of the day to share (for two)

Cotta alla fragola / $12 gf lf vf
A refreshing way to end a meal, for vegan lactose/gluten/nut/egg-free customers: strawberries whipped with chia seeds, coconut cream and a dash of sugar

Download food menu (PDF) ↓

Wine List & Drinks


2016 Zonzo Pinot Chardonnay Vintage Sparkling / bottle $85
Yarra Valley VIC

2021 Zonzo Estate Prosecco Di Aria / glass $12, bottle $50
Yarra Valley VIC

NV Zonzo Estate Moscato Di Mia / glass $12, bottle $45
Yarra Valley VIC

NV Zonzo Estate Bellini Di Cristina / glass $12, bottle $45
Yarra Valley VIC

White & Rosé

2021 Zonzo Estate Chardonnay / glass $14, bottle $60
Yarra Valley VIC

2021 Zonzo Estate Scoperta Pinot Grigio / glass $15, bottle $65
Yarra Valley VIC

2021 Zonzo Estate Scoperta Fiano / bottle $65
Heathcote VIC

2020 Zonzo Estate Scoperta Verdicchio / bottle $65
Yarra Valley VIC

2021 Zonzo Estate Scoperta Pecorino / bottle $65
Heathcote VIC

2020 Zonzo Estate Rosé / glass $14, bottle $60
Yarra Valley VIC

Red Wine

2021 Zonzo Estate Pinot Noir / glass $14, bottle $60
Yarra Valley VIC

2018 Zonzo Reserve Pinot Noir / bottle $70
Yarra Valley VIC

2021 Zonzo Estate Scoperta Sangiovese / glass $15, bottle $65
Heathcote VIC

2018 Zonzo Reserve Shiraz / glass $16, bottle $70
Yarra Valley VIC

2018 Zonzo Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon / glass $16, bottle $70
Yarra Valley VIC

2021 Zonzo Estate Scoperta Barbera / bottle $60
King Valley VIC

2020 Zonzo Estate Scoperta Sagrantino / bottle $65
Yarra Valley VIC

Dessert wine

NV Hanwood Estate Grand Tawny / $10 glass

Beer / $10

Zonzo Estate Pale Ale
Zonzo Estate Lager
Light Beer

Soft Drinks

Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite / glass $4, carafe $20
Arancia Rossa, Chinotto $4
Orange Juice $4
Lemon Lime & Bitters $4
Aqua Minerale 750ml $6
Aqua Naturale 1000ml $6

Coffee & Tea

All coffee and tea $4
Soy milk +$0.50
Cafe coretto $6
Bimbicino $0.5

No decaf available

Spirits & Liqueurs / $12

Canadian Club
Chivas Regal
Jack Daniels
Jim Beam
José Cuervo
Sambuca Bianco
Southern Comfort
Zonzo Estate Gin
Zonzo Estate Vodka

Digestives / $12

Amaro Montenegro
Cinzanno Rosso
Punt E Mes

SPRITZ / $18

Aperol Spritz


Kids Menu

Kids Pizza / $12

Tomato, mozzarella, basil
Margherita with ham
Tomato, mozzarella, pancetta and basil
Margherita with olives
Tomato, mozzarella, kalamata olives and basil
Margherita with ham and olives
Tomato, mozzarella, pancetta, kalamata olives and basil
Garlic and cheese
Extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella and garlic

Kids Pasta / $12

Gnocchi bolognese
Handmade gnocchi with bolognese sauce
Gnocchi vegetarian
Handmade gnocchi with napoli sauce

Kids Desserts / $4

Vanilla ice cream, served with chocolate or strawberry sauce
Raspberry jelly

Download kids menu (PDF) ↓
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