In 2019 we took on an ambitious project: to convert an empty urban warehouse into a sustainable winery.

Whilst we’re still working on 100% sustainability by 2023, we have managed to build a beautiful and functional space to produce premium wine in. It’s a facility that considers the people using it, not to mention its impact on the planet.

Zonzzo Small Batch
Trialing Sagrantino in the barrel storage area
Pressing 2020 vintage
Caroline sampling the 2019 Estate Shiraz vintage
Scoperta Pinot Grigio / $32
Rod had a vision. Caroline helped bring it to life. Without these two (and their team) the Lilydale winery couldn’t have happened. read more on the winemaker and our team.
Every inch of the winery is optimised for making wine by hand. streamlining means more time to be creative with our wine and also means a better outcome for the planet.

Barrel Space

A gigantic, cavernous barrel storage area also doubles as a white barrel ferment room. This allows us to control the temperature of barrel ferments all the way through, giving us the best possible outcome for wine.

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Heating and Cooling

In winemaking, heating and cooling are really important. While we can’t tell the yeast what to do, we can certainly create an environment for it to do the right thing.

Our refrigerated piping, Cool-Fit 4.0, is the first instance of the Swiss technology in an Australian winery. It not only looks beautiful, it also has incredible energy efficiency, with minimal transfer and energy loss thanks to pre-insulated piping.

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100% Self Sustaining Water

Wineries go through a lot of water. In an effort to be more earth-conscious, we had to look at the water we use for cleaning.

Our enormous roof captures rainwater and feeds into a system that recycles it, giving our facility fully sustainable cleaning water.

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Tanks designed by Caroline

All our tanks were designed by Caroline to unique specifications, right down to the slope of the floor and door height. Many of these design considerations aid ease of use for staff, improve wine quality and increase our ability to make winemaking sustainable.

There are a number of different size tanks. This level of quality in small tanks is crucial to our trial outcomes. Having these tanks provides an advantage when it comes to making smaller batches and allows us to have added attention to detail. The smaller tanks were heavily utilised in 2020 for the Scoperta range.

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Wine Press

The way a winemaker presses fruit has significant impact on the final product, and this beauty takes centre stage during vintage.

Made in Germany and designed to give us the best range of options to create individual wines, our press allows us to make each press-load individual to suit the block, variety and season the grapes come from.

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Our 3000L oak fermenters are a new addition to the Zonzo oak stable. Made in France and shipped with great care to Australia, they will be essential to some of our Italian red varieties. They also provide a lower oak-to-wine ratio compared to smaller barrels (whilst allowing the wine to evolve). Their craftsmanship is hard to ignore.

Our red fermenters come in many sizes and are made in Australia to our specs: from their shape, to the slope of the floor, to the position of cooling jackets. The smaller ones accommodate our trial batches of wine and testing of different techniques, whilst our larger units handle up to 5T at a time. They’re only used during harvest each year, so we make them count.

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