Meet the team



Director / 16 years

Alongside family, Rod has many loves: making customers’ celebrations special; working next to his dynamic team; seeing projects come to life; and jumping into the kitchen on weekends. Since 2005 he’s worked to establish us as a YV destination, launched Zonzo wine after acquiring the vineyard, introduced new buildings Stables and Cappella, and recently completed the design/build of our new Lilydale winery. Fun fact: Rod met his wife at Zonzo, proposed there and got married on the grounds. In rare spare moments, he rides motorbikes.

Recommends Pizza Bianco con Cime di Rapa and curling up by a fire on a wintery night with a glass of Reserve Shiraz.


Personal Assistant to Rod / 9 years

Amber started as casual wait staff for a summer job 9 years ago, and today she makes things happen. She helped start Zonzo’s wine label in 2014 and loves how each exciting project keeps her on her toes. In her free time Amber loves camping. Little known fact: she’s her parents’ favourite (just don’t tell the siblings).

Recommends the Gnocchi and sipping on Lemon, Thyme and Honey Gin on a warm afternoon.


Marketing & Social Media Co-ordinator / 5 years

Victoria loves working in beautiful surrounds around awesome people — it makes it easy to be inspired every day. Heard Zonzo ads on the radio? That’s her handiwork. When she's not at Zonzo you might find Victoria training her horse, Kurt. Fun fact: she’s an only child.

Recommends her absolute favourite thing on the menu, Pizza con Carciofi (on a gluten free base); drinking Cab Sav at dinner with loved ones, ideally in front of a roaring fire.


Marketing / 6.5 years

Rita's journey started in the restaurant years ago, so she's basically part of the furniture (but not as vintage as Adolfo). These days she’s in marketing/brand/design comms and photography, with creative freedom to bring projects like Zonzo's first TVC to life. In her spare time she watches her plants grow new leaves. Fun fact: Rita speaks fluent Arabic.

Recommends the crowd-pleasing, always delicious Pizza Bianco con Patate; for a blissful evening, Pinot while watching your fave show (hers is Australian Survivor).


Admin Coordinator / 1.5 years

Emma loves coming to work every day to hang with her supportive team. In her free time she takes her dog for walks on the beach. She also loves a glass of Moscato with friends at a park picnic. Fun fact: She was an Irish Dancer for 20 years.

Recommends Pizza Bianco con Pollo and visiting Zonzo on a cold winter day, when you can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace with your pizza and wine.

Farm & Winery


Winemaker / 7 years

Caroline's wine journey started in Yarra Valley, took her to South Australia, then France (with a stint in cheesemaking) and back. Alongside her team Caroline brings to fruition a dream of designing her own winery and experimenting with interesting varietals. One day she’ll design our future vineyard. When not making delicious wine, Caroline loves drinking it with amazing food.

Recommends the slow cooked lamb and everything in the Scoperta Range.


Viticulturist / 1 year

Phil loves being in the middle of Yarra Valley with its undulating slopes facing several directions, perfect for premium winemaking. His favourite time of year is Autumn: vines and trees on the property are resplendent, with vibrant hues of crimson and gold; falling leaves signify the end of another season. Fun fact: Phil once brunched with Justin Timberlake, Julianne Moore and Samuel L. Jackson in NY (okay, not the same table but in the same room at the same time!)

Recommends the woodfire oven roasted sardine fillets, with olive oil, chilli and lemon; drinking Reserve Chardonnay at a home bbq with friends.


Farmhand / 20 years

Graham might just be the best person in Yarra Valley to turn Zonzo into a working farm. Not only has he tended to our land for 40 years, he's lived on the same Yarra Valley property for 50. In his free time Graham loves to get away to the Bay for some fishing.

Recommends Pizza alla Salciccia and bringing friends to the grounds, to enjoy a glass of Cab Sav whilst soaking up the Autumn views.



Wedding Coordinator / 9 years

Brianna has relished building Zonzo's wedding reputation to what it is today. When she began we were hosting 40 weddings a year and now it's over 160 — which is wild considering there are only 52 weeks in a year. Fun fact: Brianna fosters working dogs

Recommends the Carciofi Fritti from the wedding Canapé Menu and drinking Cab Sav with family near an open fire.



Manager / 14 years

The one thing Adolfo loves most about working at Zonzo is his team, having been around since the beginning to help grow it. Outside Zonzo his two faves are eating at new restaurants (he loves food so much, but you wouldn’t know it from his size) and going to the footy.

Recommends Zonzo Vodka or Reserve Cab Sav; if he has to choose, he’ll order both; a winter visit to Zonzo to catch up with old friends.


Restaurant & Function Manager / 7 years

For Sal, the best part about working at Zonzo is meeting all the people who visit. Hospitality is in his blood. When not greeting guests with a big smile, Sal keeps it low key and enjoys hanging out with his tight-knit group of friends and on quieter nights, watching movies.

Recommends Ravioli con Granchio and visiting Zonzo on a warm Summer day to relax with friends or family.


Assistant Restaurant Manager / 5 years

Tharindu loves being part of a dedicated team pushing to go the extra mile. When he’s not in the restaurant training new staff you’ll find him tending to his garden and veggie patch. On a cool evening you’ll catch him drinking Pinot by the firepit with his wife. Fun fact: he was a violin virtuoso in high school.

Recommends Ravioli con Granchio and coming to Zonzo on a Spring day to enjoy the fresh air with loved ones.

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